Do some soul searching right now. Take a deep breath and think to yourself - am I reaching my full potential?
Did your mind hesitate?
 Did you have a moment of doubt?
Did the overwhelm creep in?
Being an entrepreneur can be overwhelming
You're busy all the time!
  • finding new systems to put in place
  • building a brand
  • researching the latest marketing techniques
  • narrowing down your niche (yet again)
You're so busy, in fact, that there is virtually no time to take a step back and evaluate if your business is traveling towards your dream destination. 
I'll let you in on a little secret ...
you don't have to do it
And no, I'm not talking about coaching. Coaching is for football players and competitive eaters. What I believe in is co-creating.
Co-create is a 6 month program for entrepreneurs who want to get some serious strategy for their business. We work with entrepreneurs on their business so that they can gain clarity on their goals, efficient solutions, and rockin’ strategy. We do this by using the G-R-A-D model.
Co-Create is a top tier program for serious entrepreneurs that want more time, more money, and more success in their business!
6-months too much of a commitment? We also offer 2 hour strategy sessions! 
Let me tell you a little about me...
My name is Jana Rowland from Jana Works. I have a Bachelor’s in Integrated Marketing Communications and an MBA with a specialization in Financial Management. I use all of those special skills to help support entrepreneurs in building their dream business.
I didn’t share my education as a way to stick my nose in the air. I want you to know that I’m the real deal. I worked hard. I sacrificed a lot. I have been where you are. There’s knowledge and a whole boatload of experience that goes into working collaboratively with you and your business.
Supporting entrepreneurs is my passion. When you work with me, you know that you are always going to have someone as equally as enthusiastic about your business as you are!
But enough about me...
Take a peek at the g.r.a.d. model
Gain clarity and direction as you envision where you want your business to be 6 months from now. You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling! 

Learn how to create massive goals and break them down into manageable realistic pieces that you can accomplish without tearing your hair out.  
Together we will create a clear path for your business. Use your goal breakdown to create achievable projects and strategize cost-effective solutions to get you where you want to be.

It's not enough to just have goals, having a roadmap to get you to achieve those goals is equally (if not more) important!  
Accountability is crucial in keeping yourself in check and accomplishing some serious goal crushing! We put systems in place to provide support throughout your project so you always have someone to bounce ideas off of.

Read: my team and I are going to keep your butt on track.
Determine which tasks can be delegated to Virtual Support Specialists. If you have a team in your back pocket, fantstic! We'll help you sort through your tasks and delegate effectively. 

Don't have a team yet? No problem! We know some people who will become your new business go-tos. Get the little stuff off your plate so you can stick to your roadmap and make some real progress.
Unlike other programs which only give you right now solutions, the Co-Create Program sets you up for long-term success by giving you strategy you can build on, skills you will carry with you, and the empowerment to know that you can accomplish anything!  
Co-create is your secret weapon to reaching your
Strategy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Think about how many webinars you’ve sat in on, how many articles you’ve read, how much research you have done to get your business to be one of those 6-figure monsters you see plastered on Facebook ads. 
Did they help you? 
Maybe a little bit. But nothing like personalized one-on-one support. 
With the co-create program you will:
  • Overcome barriers and roadblocks
  • Learn how to delegate tasks effectively
  • Rest assured knowing that you have a teammate who will hold you accountable
  • Develop strategies to help you reach your goal
  • Learn how to establish business frameworks
  • Walk away with a business structured for success
What's the word, hummingbird?
Cat Maida
Jana is an anchor. If you're flailing about like I WAS and needing a beacon to help navigate the vision you hold for your business then you will love co-creating with Jana. Jana's sage advice, her razor-sharp business sense and brilliant work processes will be welcomed. The tools and resources I now have in place are empowering me to bring my soul's passion into a successful and dare I say, fun, business. Thank you, Jana, for your rock steady support, wit, common sense galore and belief in me. You are AMAZING! I am grateful to be on this journey with you.
Monisha Chandanani
Jana is the real deal. She is a 'get it done' kind of lady that won't stop until a solution to any problem is found. She is innovative, loyal and a joy to work with! I am beyond grateful to have her in my corner!
So what's standing between you and your
Take action now this program is only open twice a year!
6 month commitment
  • Goal Setting Strategy (to teach you how to dream big)
  • Roadmap to Success (to show you how to crush those goals)
  • Unlimited Accountability (to keep your booty in check)
  • Delegation Assessment (to get the small stuff off your plate)
  • Bonuses! (because we like you)
Paid in Full
6 month committment
  • Goal Setting Strategy (to teach you how to dream big)
  • Roadmap to Success (to show you how to crush those goals)
  • Unlimited Accountability (to keep your booty in check)
  • Delegation Assessment (to get the small stuff off your plate)
  • Bonuses! (because we like you)
  • $1,782 Discount! (because you're a go-getter!)
Because we like you. We're offering a TON of 
VA Services
While you are in the 
Co-Create Program, you get discounted VA services with my team! Get all of those delegated tasks done efficiently, affordably, and at the highest caliber all without having to vet and hire people on your own. *score*

Looking to build a team of your own? No problem! While in the program, you get unlimited job postings to my personally vetted FB group to find the perfect VA to add to your team.
Weekly 1:1 Call
Our 45 minute weekly 
one-on-one calls put YOU in the  spotlight and let us focus on your unique situation.  Get feedback specific to your business and watch your business blossom. 

During our phone calls, we will dive deep into your G.R.A.D. model to keep you accountable to your big business goals.
Unlimited Support
In addition to the 45 minute weekly calls, you get access to me anytime with unlimited Slack Support. Got a quick question you forgot to ask in our call? Hop on slack and get some feedback. 

An extra bonus, while in the slack group you not only have access to me, but other motivated business ladies who are just as committed as you are! Make some lasting connections and biz besties. 
Content Hub
Soak up all of the information available in the Jana Works Content Hub! 

Full of 
  •  Trainings
  •  How To's
  •  Expert Insight
  • Directory of Virtual Support Specialists
Make sure you bookmark it because the Content Hub is going to be a place you come back to time and time again!
That's over $8,400 in value that you get absolutely FREE!
Frequently Asked Questions 
What if I have a team already? 
That's totally fine! We will use the team that you have in place to delegate some tasks off of your plate. Remember, you want to be working ON your business, not IN it 😉
My business is just starting out, is this program right for me? 
Absolutely! If your business is still taking it's first baby steps, then this is the time to set up your frameworks, dig into your strategy, and hit the ground running! We'll help you set-up all of the nitty gritty so you can get to the fun part; growth!
I don't have anything to delegate. Do I have to do this step? 
Delegation is the key to growth. While you may be a one-woman-show right now, you will never be able to set the bar any higher while you are straddled with a bunch of tasks. It's time for you to level up your thinking and realize that your time and energy are better spent elsewhere. 
My business is already established, will I get anything out of this? 
Yes, you most certainly will.  The beauty of this program is that it is completely customized to fit your needs. If your business is already pulling in 6 figures, then we're going to set the bar higher and position you to meet that goal. 
Why do you only offer this twice a year? 
The committed entrepreneurs who join this program get a lot of time, energy, and resources dedicated to helping them achieve their progress. 

We only offer the program twice a year so that we can give the participants the support that they deserve to accomplish their goals. This program is not for the faint of heart. We do some serious work to get amazing results. 
My business is a hot mess, should I get things more organized before I invest in this program? 
Heck, no! During the program we will take the time to discover what led you to develop this hot mess of a situation and how you can go about not doing that in the future. I got your back, lady. We will fix this together! 
Claim your spot while there are still openings! 
The Co-Create Program is an exclusive, high caliber, intensive experience. As you’ve seen above, each individual gets personalized strategy sessions, top-notch systems and frameworks, and an overwhelming amount of support and accountability.

Because of that, we only offer this program twice a year! I want to make sure that the people who commit to this program are getting the best support that I can provide.
Limited seats means more attention to you and your business!
If you answered with anything but a resounding YES, then you need this program in your life. 
This program will make your business more successful.
This program will make you feel more confident in your skills and your future.
This program will give you all the tools you need to build your dream business and accomplish all of your goals.
This program is for you.
Sign Up Today!