Calling All Newbie 
Virtual Support Specialists
Learn how to start your online business, get real experience, and start 
booking clients from day one, even if you have no idea where to start!

“This is just another virtual assistant program that’s going to waste my time and teach me nothing” 
“She’s just doing this to get free work out of gullible people”
“Give me a break! Another crowded program where I’m going to get 0 facetime with the woman in charge and left to fend for myself”
Those are some harsh words my people, but I can’t say that I blame you. There are a ton of programs out there that you could be a part of (and maybe you even have) meant to train virtual assistants support specialists
Why should you blow off kindly disregard those other programs in favor of mine?
The answer is simple: this program is different. 
You see I've done the research, I've trained some very talented ladies, and I know what you need out of a program such as this one
You want to start a successful online business as a virtual support specialist
(but you don’t know what those first steps are that you need to take)


You want to find your special skill that will ignite your passion and feed your bank account
(but you don’t know what you have to offer or how it can help people)


You know that you need strategy and tools to keep your business viable
(but you don’t know what they are or how to find them)


You know that you have what it takes to be successful
(but you need some guidance to get you off on the right foot)


I hear you girl! And I’ve got a solution.

Go from Prodigy to Professional with the Help of 
Digital Experts Who Know What it Takes to Succeed!
  •  The business essentials you need to have when starting your business
  •  What your passion is and how to translate that into a marketable skill that will pull in money
  •  How to communicate with clients effectively so that you can get stuff done
  •  How to work with a team so that you can stay in your zone of genius and still land loads of clients
  •  The strategy that you need to build your business from the ground up and become a virtual support powerhouse
Unlike other programs that only give you basic skills, The Jana Works Mentorship Program gives you unparalleled support from people who have been where you’re at, accountability check-ins to keep you on track, and top-notch strategy to grow your business into a money-making machine. 
You may have started this journey solo, 
but you don't have to do it alone 
Here’s the nitty gritty of how the program works:
Once your application gets approved (yay!), then you will get placed in a group with four other talented ladies whose skills are different than yours. These women will help support you in this journey and support you in areas you might need help in.
Once you are assigned to a group, then the fun part starts! We'll go over highly sought after topics such as:
Breaking Through the Blocks
Get through those rough spots that might be blocking you from further progress
You'll learn: how to identify your passion, discover your purpose, get clear on your vision, discover your why, battle perfectionism, and gain confidence in your strengths 
Business Basics
Get the low-down on the basics that your business needs. 
You'll learn: how to name your business, the legal must haves, accounting procedures, systems you should put in place, how to structure for growth, and the basics of a business plan
Establishing Online Presence
Everything you need to know about how to grow your image online.
You'll learn: how to identify your niche, research competition, find your audience, brand yourself, copywriting, profile setup, and more
Packages & Pricing
Start charging what you're worth up front and with confidence that you are worth every penny. 
You'll learn: how to lead with your strengths, become an expert, services you can offer, set up packages, use the profit formula, and put it all together so that clients understand what they are getting
Client Relations
Everything you need on building lasting relationships with your clients. 
You'll learn: how to send a proper pitch, communication etiquette, the art of setting boundaries, intake form basics, discovery call know-how, onboarding importance, and how to gather great testimonials 
Business Development
Get the skinny on how to set yourself up for success and create a plan for the future.  
You'll learn: how to find clients, create a marketing plan, create a unique selling position, the importance of networking, creating powerful partnerships, and how to build your team.
Throughout this whole process you have support from me through Slack as well as bi-weekly group calls and regular accountability checks to make sure you’re on track.
And the best part, this program is affordable for even startup business owners
After a $47 fee to hold your spot, 
The Jana Works Mentorship Opportunity is only:
$599, $479, $365
That's only $8.06 a day to get top notch support, marketable skills, and case studies you can take with you when you’re done! And with a 30 day cancellation policy, what do you have to lose!?
And because I am so passionate about this program, I’m throwing in some amazing bonuses!
Access to the Jana Works Content Hub
With continual updates, the Jana Works Content Hub is your go-to for industry standards and information.
$147 Value!
First Access to Client Jobs
In the duration of the program, you will get the first opportunity to apply for client jobs that come in through Jana Works.
$225 Value
Real World Jana Works Case Study Opportunities
Any and all work that you complete during the program will be case studies that you can take with you when you are finished.
$450 Value
Placement on the Jana Works Job Directory
While you are in the program, you will be placed in the Jana Works directory where entrepreneurs go for their virtual support needs.
$200 Value
I could sit here all day and talk about how amazing this opportunity is, but I’ll let these ladies do it instead:
Jana has been an amazing mentor who is always thinking about the "big picture" and how she can help me get there! She is quick to provide guidance when I need it and knows so much about the business world. She truly cares both about the people she mentors and the work that she does. She is an inspiration and her rock-solid support has helped me get to where I am today in my business!
Lindsey Martin, The Distant Desk
My design business has grown so much this second half of the year, and it's all thanks to Jana! I remember telling my husband back in May that I had signed up for a mentorship, and that we would see how much that would help me get my business together. But I had no idea of how big that change would actually be. I was trying to do a bit of everything, hoping that would help me get clients. I was under charging. I knew what I was good at, and what I ultimately wanted to do with my business, but had no idea how to get there. Jana helped me create a plan, keep up with it, and taught me the tools to achieve my goals. She introduced me to a different mindset, and to so many different software programs that have revolutionized the way I do everything! She shares so much knowledge about whole business side that I much needed, has helped me create a network of fellow ladies helping and supporting each other, and is always willing to help me out with any questions I still might have. Thank you so much! I really can't imagine how far behind I'd still be without your help.
Sara Obando Lacey, Sara Obando
This mentorship program, without a doubt, changed my life! When I first started working with Jana I had just started my business. I was really struggling with imposter syndrome and had no idea how to run things efficiently. Jana taught me the tools and systems that I would need to get my business under control as well as the confidence I needed to get over my doubt. 

7 months later and I have more clients then I know what to do with, a super clear definition of my zone of genius, and even my very first intern. I cannot thank Jana enough for helping me turn my passion into my paycheck. 

If you are even remotely wondering if you should be a part of this; DO IT! I promise you won't regret it.  
Heather Terwilliger, Heather Marie VA
Jana is an angel! She helps everybody that she can. When I started out, I was scared to put myself out there. She held my hand, became my guide and inspiration. Everything she does, she puts 101% percent. Thank you so much for everything, it means a lot to me and my little boy. <3
Kat Salonga, Virtual At Last
The whole experience in the mentorship program is instrumental to my evolution from being a corporate employee to being a business owner. I’ve started with a traditional employee mindset but with the strong desire to create a freedom lifestyle for myself.

After six months, my mindset has improved (though still a work in progress) and I’ve learned to better collaborate with other entrepreneurs remotely. From a back-end standpoint, I’ve learned a lot about identifying the best tools, creating efficient workflows, and planning the financial aspect of the business.
As a mentor, Jana tells it as it is. Direct with loving honesty. She is very smart and business savvy - a perfect mentor for VAs who want to level up their game.
Jennica Collado, Jennica Collado
I am so thankful for Jana and the mentorship program. If it wasn't for her I think I probably would have given up on my business. I was struggling to find my niche. Jana let me take on many different roles with in her business until I finally found what I loved. While I am still in my 9 to 5 Jana has found a way for me to grow my business until I can say peace out (to my day job) and focus on it full time!
Christina Falsetta, Cue Christina
You may have seen me around the interwebs connecting virtual support specialists with entrepreneurs, through my Facebook group Jana NetWorks and in all honesty, that is what brought me here.
See, I have my bachelors degree in Integrated Marketing Communications and my MBA with a specialization in Financial Management. Honeslty, I learned more in my first few years working in business then I did in school. I saw that I had a knack for connecting entrepreneurs with people who could support them and I saw that there was a big disconnect between the two. And even now in the virtual world, the same problems still exist. 
I saw all of these wonderful ladies with a ton of potential just blowing it on these job applications. Were they qualified? Yes! But they just didn’t quite have enough experience or strategy to put them at the top of the pile.
So I developed this, my baby. A mentorship opportunity that would end all mentorship opportunities. I wanted to create a safe space for women to learn the tips of the trade without feeling like they might sacrifice a client. I wanted them to leave this program feeling like their business was a fact instead of a question mark. And you know what? It’s been massively successful!
We’ve done two rounds of the Jana Works Mentorship Program already and the ladies who have come out the other side have been building their businesses like CRAZY! One of my girls more than doubled her rate from $20 to $50 an hour and finally had the confidence to ask for what she deserved. Another student just brought on her first subcontractor after only being in business for 6 months!
These results are real and you deserve them too! If you’re feeling stuck and unsure on where to turn, I hope you’ll join us and get started on building your business with the best support you can find!
Space is Limited
To make sure that each virtual support specialist gets the time and dedication that they deserve, we are only accepting a limited number of people. If this opportunity sounds too good to pass up, don’t wait!
The Jana Works Mentorship Program is application only.
Send in your application today and get the clarity, strategy, and skills that you need to create your dream business!
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